Scenic Painters Online Courses
Welcome to Scenic Painters Online Courses! These will grow into a comprehensive library of courses looking at all aspects of the work of a scenic. So far we have a course on wood finishes, one on metal finishes and a free course (if you buy one of the full price courses) that focuses on tools and materials found in the scenic studio.

Each course contains a free tutorial so you can see what's on offer. Along side the tutorials there are lot of supporting pdf files and there are discussion boards attached to each video so you can ask for feedback and advice.

The next two courses will focus on stone finishes and then brickwork. After these there are another six courses planned!

Each course contains a number of video tutorials, which describe in detail how to to undertake scenic projects. Clicking the link below will take you onto the Online Courses site (hosted by Thinkific, one of the leading teaching platforms.)

Take a look at the mahogany tutorial. This is the two minute version. The full version takes about twenty minutes and describes the process in lots of detail.

speedy mahogany