Courses in Scenic Art and Scenic Painting

Scenic Painters is a resource for people interested in painting scenery. We offer courses for beginners and intermediate level painters. There's a Jobs Page where you can advertise scenic painting jobs or look for work, and the Scenic Painters Directory, a list of scenics working across the UK with contact details and links to online portfolios.
  • Faux Rusty metal paint finish
  • Trompe L
  • Aged down paint finishes
  • pantomime backdrop at Scenic Painters
  • Woodgraining class at Scenic Painters courses
  • Spraygun work at Scenic Painters painting courses.
  • Rusty metal paint finishes
  • Pantomime painting courses at Scenic Painters.
  • Marble paint effect at Scenic Painters.
  • Backdrop painting course at Scenic Painters
  • Rusty cast iron paintfinish at Scenic Painters.
  • rough Brickwork paint effect at Scenic Painters Courses.